Payments, Blockchain & Fintech Expert 

I'm Tommy,

Payments and fintech veteran with

18+ years of professional experience.

I launched Monitex in 2002, it was my first payments processing ISO.  We were based out of Montreal Canada and I was 25 years old.  Fast forward to today, I have had 7 successful corporate exits across 4 states and provinces in the fields of payment processing, financial technology and blockchain technology.  I have also helped several other larger companies achieve their objectives whether their objectives were organic growth, innovation growth, marketing growth, product management or acquisition. 

My focus now is on work which I can be passionate about that allows me to use my experience and knowledge to provide meaningful business solutions; I love growing businesses and teams to their potential. I am a passionate innovator, disruptor, consultant and leader.

Finally, if you have a good business plan you want to discuss and you are looking for some advice (or money) my accelerator, Vendor Laboratories may be just what you need.  I am always open to interesting investments.


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Tommy Dolan




Launch New, Divisions, Subsidiaries or Product Lines


Grow & Improve Existing Successful Lines of Business


Management Training, Research, Audits, Fixing Areas of the Business That Need Help

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In Tom one will find the perfect balance of intelligence, work-ethic,and ambition.

John Coffin, TripSpark Technologies

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